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Internal Tech Showcases Kick-Off Tech Transfer
Several weeks back, I participated in an excellent event that should inspire any organization looking to make the most of its R&D through commercialization, collaboration, and other forms of technology transfer. The “Technology Day” event, which took place NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, had value that transcends federal labs and isn’t limited to the U.S. Sponsored by Dryden’s technology transfer organization, the Technology Day wasn’t for…
Leveraging Industry Associations to Attract Tech Transfer and Strategic Partnerships
At Fuentek, we enjoy working collaboratively with our clients to implement innovative outreach strategies. In October 2011, Fuentek had the privilege of helping a forward-thinking team at NASA’s Glenn Research Center — led by Dr. Paul Bartolotta — to organize an Automotive Workshop. Although Glenn had dozens of technologies that would be of enormous interest to automotive companies, they did not routinely interact with major players in the auto industry. And they didn’t want to push out all of their potentially relevant technologies to see which might catch the attention of auto industry executives. Instead, Glenn wanted to…
Tips for Using Videos to Save Time, Money in Tech Transfer Marketing
Depending on the technology, incorporating videos into Web sites, blogs, and e-mail marketing campaigns can be a cost-effective method of promoting tech transfer opportunities. In particular, videos can be a wonderful way to present information on and …
To Go or Not to Go… to a Trade Show: Poll Results
We’re seeing some interesting results for our poll regarding how frequently tech transfer offices (TTOs) attend industry conferences and events to market their technologies or partnership opportunities. As you can see in the chart, nearly three-quarters of all respondents use trade shows minimally or not at all. These responses are not surprising. Attending industry conferences and trade shows is an expensive way to do tech transfer marketing, regardless of whether you have a booth in the exhibit hall. Even if they are local events,…
Conferences: On Presence and Presentation
We have found that industry conferences and trade shows can be a great way to connect with potential partners and licensees. Not only are they a captive audience, but often they’ve chosen to come to the event because they are interested in talking about collaboration. Having a booth or other display is one way to create opportunities for those conversations. If you choose to go that route, then the type of display or booth you bring should match your goals and the type of event. For example,…
AUTM Annual Meeting: Prep for One-On-One Meetings with Industry
For technology transfer professionals getting ready for the next national meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers® (AUTM), it pays to prepare for one-on-one meetings with company representatives attending the conference. This post offers some advice that can really help you dive into these meetings with the confidence, knowledge, and ammunition you need for productive discussions.
Tips for Creating Effective Yearly Reports for Tech Transfer Programs
Annual reports can target an external audience, inspiring companies, universities, and government labs to seek out your technologies and partnership opportunities. Such reports also can have a more internal focus, gaining management and innovator support for the program. And sometimes the report is used with both audiences.
How to Generate Leads with a Technology Commercialization Webinar
In many high-tech industries (especially software), Webinars have become the de facto standard for information delivery and lead generation. Planned and executed correctly, a Webinar can yield outstanding results for your technology commercialization m …