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R&D Sponsor/Partner Identification
Scratching Beneath the Surface of Collaborative R&D Partnerships
The flow chart below merges together what Henry Chesbrough describes as the two parts of open innovation -— outside-in and inside-out. We have a several recommendations for proceeding systematically and proactively. Let’s scratch just a little bit bene …
Forming R&D Partnerships: 8 Keys to Success
Karen Hiser’s recent post about qualifying prospects in order to get to a licensing deal was also reminiscent of our experiences with helping Fuentek clients get to collaborative R&D partnership deals. Although in many ways these deal-making proces …
Collaborations Protect Your Competitive Advantage and Minimize Risk
In my last post I talked about how collaborations can be less risky than mergers and acquisitions (M&A) when it comes to tapping into an external technology to accelerate or enhance product development. If your company is like most, you don’t belie …
Tools to Identify Potential Collaborators and R&D Partners
One thing that innovators at a recent training wanted to know was how to identify potential partners. How could they find out which organizations were at the cutting edge in various technology disciplines? This is an excellent question. Here were some …
Fly Me to the Moon: NASA Moonbase Alpha Game Launches
Yes, you can be an astronaut based on the south pole of the moon! How? With NASA Moonbase Alpha, the first installment in NASA’s massive, multiplayer online (MMO) game. NASA released the game on Valve’s Steam network. In the game, NASA has returned to the moon, with Moonbase Alpha as a small, self-sufficient outpost and the players assuming the exciting role of an astronaut working to further human expansion and research. We at Fuentek are particularly pleased with this game launch, because it is the culmination of a lot of hard work in developing the partnership as part of our work for the agency’s technology transfer program.
Tackling the Sticky Intellectual Property Issues in Alliance Collaborations
Recommendations from an LES/ASAP Chapter Meeting Panel On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of serving as a panelist for the Research Triangle Park (RTP) chapter meeting of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) and Association of Strategic Alliance Professi …