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Securing Stakeholder Support
Invention Disclosure Pipeline: Metrics for New/Like-New TTOs
When it comes to invention disclosures, a TTO’s overarching goal is to ensure that any and all commercially viable inventions discovered within the R&D labs are disclosed to the TTO. In order to successfully achieve that long-term goal, the TTO must ensure that researchers (1) recognize their obligations relating to intellectual property (IP), (2) are aware of the existence of your office and how to work with you, and (3) understand (in general) the process and benefits of commercialization. To achieve these three sub-goals, new TTOs especially must do…
Metrics for New – or Like-New – Tech Transfer Offices (TTOs)
Any individual tech transfer success requires a long lead time. Yet, stakeholders want to see progress NOW! I know how frustrating that can be, yet they deserve to know how you’re doing. And you need to know how you’re doing. But this is challenging when the TTO is brand new or so newly reorganized that the full impact of your work can’t be known. So I’m going to offer up three general areas on which to focus early in the life of your TTO. Tracking metrics in these three areas will help put a new office on the right path to increase the probability of long-term success. The three areas to track are…
Helping University TTOs Talk-Up Tech Transfer
For my first few posts on the Fuentek blog, I will be writing about several topics that came up at the AUTM® Eastern Region Meeting in Boston earlier this week. It was a great meeting, and it was particularly interesting for me now that I’ve returned to the Northeast, departing my position as director of a university technology transfer office (TTO) and transitioning into a consulting role. Today’s post will focus on AUTM president-elect Jane Muir’s luncheon presentation, in which she offered several updates from AUTM. In particular, Jane mentioned two new AUTM initiatives that should be quite helpful to university TTOs in developing public (and congressional) awareness of the benefits of tech transfer. Jane also talked about a great training opportunity at the 2014 AUTM Annual Meeting in San Francisco.
Communicating the Value of Tech Transfer: An Example from NASA
Although we’ve been blogging a lot lately about effective technology marketing strategies (especially given our new webinar on this topic), there’s another kind of marketing that we at Fuentek believe is essential for technology transfer offices (TTOs). It might feel like bragging, but communicating the results of technology transfer is as important as executing tech transfer deals. Effective communication tools that illustrate your TTO’s positive achievements demonstrate to your internal and external stakeholders both the value of tech transfer and how successful your TTO is in supporting the mission of your institution. We recently completed a project for NASA that illustrates exactly this idea.
Reaping Long-Term Rewards from Strategic IP Portfolio Optimization: Stories from the Field
Prioritizing an intellectual property (IP) portfolio is an important, and often huge, task for tech transfer offices (TTOs). In today’s Stories from the Field post, I share details of how an effective IP Portfolio Optimization helped a university do more than just prioritize its IP for future technology transfer and marketing efforts. A major research university approached Fuentek about screening a group of 30 technologies in the nanotechnology sector…
Metrics to Measure Your Technology Licensing Success: The M in PRISM
Metrics are one of the most challenging aspects of licensing that any technology transfer office (TTO) faces when pursuing commercialization of intellectual property. And yet they’re one of the most important.
The Ins and Outs of Information Management in Technology Licensing: The I in PRISM
Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a six-post series on how Fuentek views technology licensing through a new PRISM. Success in pursuing proactive intellectual property (IP) management and technology commercialization depends upon having a solid insti …
Effective Communications with External Stakeholders
Establishing effective communications with potential licensees or prospective partners is a daunting task. Successfully getting someone’s attention, developing the business case for a constructive dialog, establishing the proper protocol for effective interactions, and engaging in a constructive dialogue can be complex and time-consuming.
Effective Communications with Internal Stakeholders
Maintaining effective communications with your Technology Transfer Office’s key stakeholders—inventors, attorneys, administrators, financial personnel, public relations department—sounds easy, but quite often it is considerably more challenging and resource intensive than we expect. Many of us are working with colleagues who have too many demands placed on them with too few resources and too little time.