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Promotions and Tenure: An AUTM 2020 Webinar on Current Trends and New Initiatives
We might not have been able to meet in person at AUTM 2020 in San Diego, but there’s no reason we can’t still have a session to discuss an important and evolving trend for university technology transfer offices (TTOs): Tenure and Promotion Trends: Current Initiatives to Take Commercialization into Account Tues., April 21, 2020 • 2:00pm EDT
Government Use of IP: Webinar Offering of AUTM 2020 Panel
Although the AUTM 2020 annual meeting was cancelled, we can still share best practices, information, and thoughts. Join us in a webinar version of the panel we had planned for: Government Use of Federally Funded IP: It’s Not as Simple as You Think Wed., March 11, 2020 • 1:00–3:00pm EDT
Prioritizing Your IP Portfolio: A Tech Transfer Webinar Presented by AUTM
Learn best practices in getting the intellectual property (IP) portfolio under control at a webinar offered by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)®. Streaming live on June 6, 2018, Prioritizing Your IP Portfolio provides a where-to-start strategy for optimizing and prioritizing the IP portfolio. The presenters are René Meadors, Dr. Nichole Mercier, and Fuentek’s Laura Schoppe.
Free Webinars Help Companies Get the Most Out of Their IP
We at Fuentek are big proponents of actively managing the intellectual property (IP) portfolio as a strategic asset. This is as important for companies as it is for universities, government agencies, and the like. So, Fuentek teamed up with PatSnap to offer a series of free webinars to help companies get the most out of their IP portfolios. Today’s post provides an overview of—and, more importantly, easy links to—that webinar series.
Two Webinars for Tech Transfer to Improve R&D Engagement
Fuentek has two webinars you won’t want to miss. Both focus on how to enhance the relationship between the researchers developing intellectual property (IP) and the technology transfer office (TTO) professionals tasked with protecting and commercializing it. Because by doing so, both departments can be more successful. The live webinars from summer 2017 were recorded and are available now.