Whether your tech transfer office is large or small, Fuentek helps you be more successful.
We have helped clients worldwide achieve new goals, hit higher targets, and operate more efficiently:

Universities / Companies / Governments / Hospitals / Foundations / Research Organizations

Insightful Analysts
We carefully consider your technology transfer office’s unique strengths and struggles, translating your needs into actionable goals.
Productive Partners
We collaborate with you to develop and implement the right strategies to achieve your goals for the technology transfer office.
Trusted Advisors
Our integrity and commitment to client satisfaction mean you can trust us to devise the plan that’s best for your technology transfer office.

Tech Transfer Training

Thank you for the course. It helped us improve our competencies in technology transfer.”

Private company
director of R&D
Professionals / Interns / Innovators / Managers
We offer effective training to technology transfer office staff and interns to boost their skills and productivity. We also design engaging, interactive sessions to help researchers and managers understand their role in and key principles of tech transfer.
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Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Tremendous entrepreneurship training with Fuentek. It will help me a lot in clarifying my ideas!”

University researcher
R&D organizations play a major role in their region’s economic development. We can help you establish productive collaborations and support startups strategically. We also train your entrepreneurs in the skills they need to successfully protect their IP, match their innovation to market needs, and secure funding.
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Benchmarking & Metrics

The numbers you provided have given me a better feel for those industry averages. This will be really useful for our benchmarking efforts in upcoming discussions with some venture capital companies.”

Research hospital business development manager
Our insightful analysis accurately and objectively compares your performance against peer technology transfer offices. Fuentek identifies disparities between inputs and outcomes. And we offer next-step actions to achieve improvements, recommending commensurate funding/resources to achieve specific goals.
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Stakeholder & Management Buy-in

You helped us clarify our vision and set some strategic initiatives. You also were very helpful in putting some old concepts to rest so we can move on.”

University governing board member
Beyond our communication services, Fuentek can help enhance your relationship with those who govern your technology transfer office. Whether your goal is increased resources or more productive and positive interactions, Fuentek can develop and implement strategies designed to turn your detractors into supporters.
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Streamlined Processes & Procedures

Thanks to the services provided by the Fuentek team, our tech transfer program has greatly improved and expanded over the past 3 years.

NASA field center tech transfer chief
Increase consistency / Improve efficiency
From technology triage to qualifying licensees, we help you design and implement best practices and enhance resource management. Because we are well versed in the top IP database systems—Sophia, Inteum, TechTracS, PatSnap, ktMINE, etc.—we can maximize their value to you.
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Organizational Analysis

This report will be very powerful in helping us engage key stakeholders to make necessary changes. It will also serve as an excellent short-term and long-term road map.”

University director of tech transfer
Analyze / Strategize / Optimize
Fuentek uses a proven process to identify opportunities for improvement and revisions to the technology transfer office’s organizational structure, procedures, and policies. We provide actions for implementing positive changes in performance and inter-department relations.
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