Since 2001, Fuentek has helped clients make the most of their intellectual assets.

The posts below relate just a handful of the scores of successes that Fuentek has helped clients realize.

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Strategize carefully when it comes to technology marketing
Fuentek helped Kolon navigate the path to major market uses and players by evaluating the technology's progressive potential, offering intelligent communication options, and delivering on them expertly. MORE
Kolon's Colorless Polyimide technology won the Display Component of the Year Award for 2018 from the Society for Information Display
Fuentek's technology evaluation recommendations identified the best market to target and provided next steps regarding key players to contact, R&D trends, top industry events for engaging with decision makers, and structuring the offer. We also helped the client successfully pursue a top industry award. MORE
Fuentek helped a client negotiate terms that weren't financially based yet positively contributed to the technologies' commercialization success. Non-financial terms may be a little less typical, but we understand they are no less valuable. MORE
When cultivating a licensing prospect who insisted they were interested yet would not enter license negotiations, Fuentek urged our client to refocus their limited resources on other tech transfer opportunities. They took our advice and got a deal. MORE
In producing a client's webinar for potential licensees, Fuentek enhanced the inventor's presentation, used social media tools to efficiently reach the target audience, and conducted strategic follow-up that led to negotiations and a signed deal. MORE
When a client technology did not warrant aggressive marketing, Fuentek successfully developed and implemented a passive campaign strategy, which secured the interest of a venture capitalist. We then provided crucial support during deal negotiations. MORE
Fuentek helped several clients use market data in innovative ways to achieve new benefits. Specifically, we increased a prospect’s interest in their technology, secured management buy-in for deal terms, and identified sponsored-research partners. MORE
This case study illustrates how Fuentek supports clients during negotiations with licensing prospects. We helped this client identify the technology's value, guided them through offer/counter-offer dance, and set exclusivity and royalty terms. MORE
Fuentek's series of training courses on entrepreneurship in Poland inspired university researchers to approach their work more entrepreneurially, focusing on the market need and intended users. MORE
In just a few weeks, Fuentek helped a university tech transfer office put in place the key components for an effective internship program. We wrote job descriptions, guided hiring, and provided training and ongoing mentoring. MORE
We provided key guidance to a NASA center in developing a joint-ownership agreement that specified the roles and responsibilities for patent prosecution, technology marketing, and license negotiations. MORE
Fuentek identified the "most likely to succeed" of a client's ~50 active technology marketing projects. Fuentek's support helped the tech transfer office focus to get the best deals as quickly as possible while expending the fewest resources. MORE
Creating an alternate approach to Evaluation Licenses, Fuentek helped a client license out a technology solely to make prototypes for other potential licensees. This approach worked well for certain technologies, and several times it led to commercial licenses. MORE
This case study illustrates how Fuentek judiciously considers license applications. We evaluated how successful the licensee could be with the proposed deal structure and recommended an alternative approach that was favorable to both parties. MORE
Fuentek successfully gained the trust and cooperation of an inventor who had been resistant to the commercialization of his technology. Our efforts paid off, allowed commercialization efforts to continue with his support. MORE
We used market feedback to recommend that a client pause the marketing effort and conduct further R&D so a technology could meet a significantly larger market’s need. Our client saved time and redirected the savings into other marketing efforts. MORE
Fuentek launched an internship program that efficiently cleared out a backlog of hundreds of unevaluated technologies. In addition to better management of the IP portfolio, our work dramatically improved faculty perceptions of the tech transfer office. MORE
Fuentek's insightful analysis of a 50-patent nanotechnology portfolio identified high-potential techs, enabled more efficient and effective marketing, informed the faculty's R&D funding decisions, and boosted stakeholder support for the tech transfer office. MORE
In helping a university train its tech transfer office interns, Fuentek provided webinars and ongoing mentoring. Interns quickly adopted techniques and gained additional confidence with their tech screenings, reducing the burden on TTO staff. MORE
We helped three different clients negotiate licensing deals with royalty rates that served the interests of both parties. These cases illustrate how a win-win deal is better for everyone in the long run. MORE
When our client was licensing a technology that was somewhat unknown in the marketplace, Fuentek suggested a creative approach to structuring royalties. The final deal was fair to both parties as well as easy to implement and track. MORE
It's never easy to shut down a technology marketing effort. But sometimes, it has to be done. In these examples, Fuentek had the insight, experience, and objectivity to help three of our clients make good decisions. MORE
Fuentek developed an interactive website, including technical details written in understandable terms and an online registration system for downloading an evaluation copy of the software via a Software Usage Agreement. We strategized and led extensive marketing efforts and assisted in multiple licensing and partnership negotiations. MORE
When NASA began its search for development partners, Fuentek led marketing efforts to solicit participation from the gaming industry. We also provided pre-, during-, and post-event support for the April 2008 MMO Workshop, which included more than 130 attendees vying to participate in the project. Fuentek’s efforts helped lead to a joint Space Act Agreement with the three partners. MORE
Fuentek assessed the technology, assembled a vetted list of high-potential industry prospects, led the marketing campaign, and collaborated with our client on qualifying and guiding prospects through the licensing process. MORE
Fuentek played a key support role in the licensing activities, providing Roche with crucial data for industry, application, and partner selections as well as key data and innovative ideas for the final negotiations. MORE