Schoppe explains: “The crash hit endowments for private universities. State funds got whacked. State universities had to give money back in some cases.”… Schoppe says that although the economic crisis has made everyone realise they need to do more with less, it doesn’t have to mean that technology transfer suffers. Indeed, as the economy slowly recovers, universities can benefit from the government’s continued support, while larger corporations are returning to tech transfer as a means of compensating for reductions in their own research budgets. “There’s been a culture shift,” Schoppe says.… Good processes for identifying the best technologies in a university’s portfolio are vital. She says: “Managing the portfolio proactively is important-many universities are reactive. They should be more proactive about determining which technologies are the most important. Most of them have too much clutter on their desks, but often people in universities find it hard to let go of things they’ve been working on, even if they’re going nowhere.”